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PAY M mobile phone payment system

PAY M Mobile payments service Van man removals can now take payment via PAY M the mobile phone number payment system to make life easier for customers when it comes to paying for the job and cash isn't to hand. <h2>What is PAY M<H2 Its system developed by the payments council for identification vis you mobile phone number without using account numbers of sort codes and a wide selection of banks and buying societies taking part in the PAY M program. PAY M is an abbreviation of pay them, procounced pay'em. Where do i find PAY M? All you do…

Mobile card payments for Removal jobs Edinburgh

Card Payments   We have decided to try and move with the times and now have the abilty to take credit card and debit card payments for man and van home removal jobs . This carries a small fee of 2.75 % on top of the removal cost but its a small price to pay if you only have this option of payment eg a company credit card or for standard customers more likely you couldnt bothered to go to the bank to get the cash out before the job started , dont we all love waiting longer than we…

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