Did you know Van man removals Edinburgh use WhatsApp, viber, Skype to receive online quotes? Better still you can send us images of the items to be moved or disposed to make our job a lot easier in price and man power.

Those communication platforms are Very Helpful when you cant describe the item or whats being moved or even the access, anything unusual. Like the one today that was the second heaviest sofa bed I’ve ever moved, described by the customer as an art deco style, confusing, but we still did it down her narrow stair and id be guessing 80-90kg, the first heaviest one some years ago being at least 120kg 3 seater which is quite unusual for a sofa bed weight wise almost like a piano to a 3rd floor, damaging my shoulder cuff in the process and putting me in limited action for about 4 months, one day i might learn. Its ‘s a shame i didn’t tell the customer to use the guy she said did last time for £40 quid but she couldnt contact them as much as she tried, maybe they blocked her, but thats another matter.

So to make life a lot easier just send images via whatsapp, viber skype of look for my email at the botton of every page.We are only human you know!

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