The van man slateford road Edinburgh has closed and no longer rents out vans for short term hire in Edinburgh. Van man removals cannot be same price as a van rental company but if you’ve got a small short timescale job you need doing locally in Edinburgh the van we offer is 4x the size of the van the van man in slateford road offered when they were open for business.

How much will it cost me to hire a van with a driver for 2-4 hours?

Well the van is a large luton van and comes with a competent no nonsense experienced driver starts from, thats starts from and might not be the final price, from £45 per hour (per 60mins) , hey thats way to much ! ok but the van is 4x the size of the van man slateford road Edinburgh vans. Lets say the removal job you planned was going to take 2-3 trips in that small van within Edinburgh, try doing that within 4 hours including time from depot and back when it can be done in one go in the big removal van potentially saving time and being more efficient.

I think the van man slateford road charged £45 for 4 hours at my last check some years back and that was with the very important factor of including the driving time from depot and back again on slateford road plus fuel and the risk of loosing the hire deposit so in reality this van and driver rental offer is more attractive as time starts on arrival at the job location and finished when job does.

All prices depend on the job details like i said i cant price same as a van rental company and its priced per hour not half hours, obviously if you’re going a long trip outside Edinburgh maybe a van rental that you drive is the better option but the only way to find out its to contact via text/call/whatsapp 07730263353

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