Storage in Edinburgh

Van Man Removals Edinburgh offer secure storage at very affordable prices, whether it’s an office business, personal possessions, student storage, long or short term (3 months) we can help. Ideal for de cluttering for selling a home or an emergency stop gap between buying and selling a home or student going away between terms or just a place to keep stuff you don’t need daily access.

Storage Vault Box Size

Our secure wooden storage boxes are 5ft wide by 7 ft long by 7ft height and for those in metric thats 152 centimetres wide, 213cm long and 213 cms height the floor space works out at 35ft. The best thing about these boxes are they are all the same size, the price is same no matter the length of time its stored and no hidden charges, really you get what you pay for. Insiders tip some storage companies, located in town, room sizes are not correct and you can only find this out if you measure the floor space and the same storage company offers shared spaces to students which are no where near the size they say it is by almost 50% wrong to size it should be.

Cheap Storage in Edinburgh!

Our storage is not self-storage, this is why we are sometimes up to OR MORE THAN 50% less cost than places like safe -store, Len Lothian, Edinburgh self-storage. We offer secure fixed sized storage boxes that are 250 cubic feet or equivalent 35ft floor space of those storage companies named. These boxes are commonly known as storage vaults and are made of wood, fully secure, water tight and offer excellent value for money for long term storage.

Cost effective storage in Edinburgh

We don’t offer any 8 weeks free/half price deals as our deal is way less cost In the first place, no added vat or stung with extra insurance costs like most folk are hit with at the storage company reception and the size you are told is the size you get unlike some storage companies in Edinburgh whose room sizes are almost always 10-50% less than advertised, and for student storage its worse as they put your possessions in with other students stuff and often its mixed up, this you will want to avoid!

Long term storage Edinburgh

Our storage is a minimum 4 weeks or calendar month, payment is via bank transfer 4 weeks in advance or payment up front for fixed term deal. An inventory list is required and in storage only for total loss e.g. fire flood insurance for up to £3000 per container is available but not included in the price so please ask for this when booking storage.

How does it work?

We come to you with the removals van and load the items you have listed for storage, we need a list, it’s a count on count off system. Any bags boxes etc must be securely taped up as we are not responsible in any way for anything falling out of bags or boxes or furniture that is badly assembled or extremely fragile. We then take it to the secure warehouse to pack into the storage vault containers. The goods are blanketed if required and stacked into the boxes. The items are covered up to a value of £3000 only and only for damage within the storage box for fire and flood.

Why choose us for a removal in Edinburgh, well thats entirely up to you , it might be price related, opinion on someones voice on the phone, advice given, sounding knowledgeable or a friend recommendation us as a removal company in Edinburgh, which we get many, but one thing is for sure every customer is treated the same and asked the same questions, some don’t mind being asked but others do. Our business is based on information and without it we cant provide quotes so please try and have some idea to tell us whats involved to help the enquiry come to a successful conclusion.

Van Man

Students – Please note.


You must be ready at the collection time agreed.


All items for storage must be packed securely and be stackable.


If its more than one persons goods to be stored we must be informed.


We work to the list you provide and anything extra will be charged accordingly.

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