Card Payments

We have decided to try and move with the times and now have the abilty to take credit card and debit card payments for man and van home removal jobs . This carries a small fee of 2.75 % on top of the removal cost but its a small price to pay if you only have this option of payment eg a company credit card or for standard customers more likely you couldnt bothered to go to the bank to get the cash out before the job started , dont we all love waiting longer than we need at the end of a job for the payment !!

There are more and more occasions no one has cash ready and Britain being a nation in debit everythings now on credit, so this solves the issue of the man with the van waiting longer than we need on a job ,what with customers nipping off for “2 minutes” then turning into 20 minutes to the cashpoint while we wait making us late for our next job ! The downside like i mentioned before it does cost you 2.75% more with removal expenses,but you can have a text or email receipt !! Saving the planet with paperless trading what with us being a green man and van – without sounded pretentious or smug with the green man and van stuff.

We can take payments on site with a mobile terminal we carry on the van and as long as we have a mobile signal or if need be over the phone. We take most cards people use eg visa , mastercard and most debit cards . It proves we are a professional business and have had a credit check done on our business and our address  so we can be trusted as a professional mover in Edinburgh !

We take card payments !


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