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October Mad Crazy Offer! Breaking with tradition from offering fixed prices on info which is usually a bit wrong Van man removals Edinburgh have decided to do an experiment of offering hourly rates, just so we can work our fingers to the bone for little reward! No seriously, let’s think about it, hourly rates always bring out the best in customers. Old friends they never knew they had or friends they never knew they liked them are asked on the day to help move , long lost relatives invited round, acquaintances at work asked, next door neighbours, people in the…

Moving to Europe

European Removals We have recently taken on international removals to Europe providing transport with a 13 cubic meter panel van or a large luton van. We work out the mileage, ferry costs, accommodation costs for the driver porter. These vans are our vans and not rentals . To keep it economical euro-move we only use one man to take the van over to Europe and you have to arrange labour eg unloading assistance at destination. Give us a call or email with your details and we can work it out the costs for a European move. Don`t waste cash but…

Motorbike Transport.

Motorbike transport - Martin @ Van man Removals came to the rescue of a chap transporting a super bike from the Isle of Man! We unloaded it in bruntsfield place during another job. The chap was delighted as he had been let down, this seems to happen a lot nowadays, and hadn’t any way of unloading the superbike safely unless he had use a metal ramp which we carry in our van for use for motorbike transportation. It not a great idea to lift a motorbike like this off a transportation van without professional competent help and it didn’t cost…

Overnight Express Deliveries Courier

Express same day overnight deliveries/Removals by one of the Best Edinburgh man with vans, well you’re reading this so well done you all and the extremely nosy fifer called tom’’. Don’t be fooled by cheap offers , you will be annoyed when they turn up in a small transit van and you think aha now I understand why its so cheap, it’s a tiny wee van. We really are the best small Removals Company in Edinburgh providing same day express removals to London, Birmingham, Bristol Oxford, Cambridge, Cardiff. We are Not based in fife or Glasgow or Dundee for that…

Cardboard boxes for sale Edinburgh.

Cardboard boxes for sale Edinburgh -When is a cardboard removal box not a box? When it’s a huge box stuffed full of books and un-liftable by a human! We frequently ask customers who are moving in Edinburgh about the boxes that are to be lifted for removal, mainly just the volume and not taking into account the physical size of the removal boxes, expecting common sense to have some part in the packing process. Customers certainly don’t consider this when packing these boxes and just think any removal man in Edinburgh can lift it no matter the size. You get…

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