Monthly Archive: August 2015

Choose the right flooring for you home.

How to choose the right flooring for your home   Flooring of your home Floor tiles, carpets or wood flooring  can either give areas a very classy look if chosen perfectly or can give a mismatching or odd look if  not chosen well. So before going for any kind of flooring just go through these factors […]

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Simple moving tips

Really very simple common sense moving tips everyone should really know   Follow these simple common sense tips for your moving day to save head scratching confusion and all round chaos that can be simply avoided by thinking just a little!   Firstly in this day and age of technology most people are glued to their mobile […]

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Feng Shui Home

  Feng Shui in your home.   The basic philosophy of Feng Shui is very simple. It is a system that helps you harmonize each element in your surroundings with the others, thereby creating a larger, wholesome environment. It can help you build a peaceful, happy life by helping you achieve an aura of positivity […]

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Assumptions never to make.

There is rarely any average amount of stuff to be moved for anyone when moving as everyone has different habits, lifestyles, Hobbies, Garden stuff, Children’s toys, you name it etc, never assume we the removal company that you’re contacting for a quote know whats being moved or anything about you or your circumstances , that […]

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Tips Buying online

Tips on buying Online, second hand furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, beds on websites like eBay and gumtree Edinburgh. We’ve seen so many people getting ripped off over the years and its not our place to tell the customer they are wasting their money.   Buying online – Is it a good deal? Always check you’re a […]

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Deliveroo Edinburgh

Deliveroo Edinburgh Deliveroo the premium restaurant takeaway delivery service that started in London delivery has now opened in Edinburgh, Deliveroo offer an alternative to to the usual takeaways that can be usually be found on just eat by doing delivery’s for restaurants in Edinburgh that don’t usually do takeaway deliveries like handmade burger, Nandos, table […]

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