PAY M Mobile payments service

Van man removals can now take payment via PAY M the mobile phone number payment system to make life easier for customers when it comes to paying for the job and cash isn’t to hand.

<h2>What is PAY M<H2

Its system developed by the payments council for identification vis you mobile phone number without using account numbers of sort codes and a wide selection of banks and buying societies taking part in the PAY M program. PAY M is an abbreviation of pay them, procounced pay’em.

Where do i find PAY M?

All you do is go to your banks website and register your MOBILE number to be able to pay others who are also registered with PAY M there are no sort codes or messing about just your registered pay m mobile number required, its really easy you can download apps to make it easier.

Instant payment.

Everytime you send a payment the receiver gets a text alerts saying payment has been made you the sender get a texts confirming of the payment made, being up to £350 depending on your and the banks limits.

This is great for students or people who forget to take out payment and nearest cash machine is miles away so saves lots of time and in this day and age,who writes cheques now anyway?

Van Man removals Edinburgh take PAY M via 07730263353

Paym van man removals

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