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My Ethics

Van man removals business ethics (my own personal ethics) have been for as long as i can remember quite simply if we wouldn’t accept it ourselves we wouldn’t offer it, recommend it or peak about it. Whats the point in speaking if you lie or use half truths? Not many (or any) trade like this. Some sell their souls to make money and string customers along, it’s a shame but it’s true. We don’t tell lies, (I don’t thats for sure) we don’t rip customers off and we operate as we feel we should be treated ourselves which means we wouldn’t mind people being straight talking with us, telling us exactly whats required, pretty vital in a home removal services operation and getting the price just right for the customer.

Some customers misinterpret my honesty as something else and it confuses them, mainly because customers are used to businesses telling them half truths in an apparently nice way, thats ok though isn’t it? Buttering them up and stringing them along with fancy sales pitches,  a sure fire recipe for something to go very wrong!


Questions we ask

If we ask you questions its because we want to know what the jobs about, it’s not cheek, yes believe it or not people do get annoyed when we ask questions about whats being moved and whats are the addresses involved, its helps us make an assessment if we think we can do the job or not. If we stop you mid-sentence when you’re telling us you have “Just the usual stuff” or  “round the corner” or “its not much” or “rooms worth” or “vans worth” or ” just the heavy items” or ” Stuff that won’t fit in the car” or telling us whats not being moved (thats one I’ve never understood) its because we want to know what is being moved! There is no point in guessing things on our side and accepting information like that and nor do we accept “its an average amount”.


Getting the price right.

Please remember a jobs to be priced for running a removal business,  you may have used other small movers or Man with vans before who don’t ask anything and are charging 10 quid for what should’ve been 50 quid job, or traveling the length and breadth of the UK for a few hundred pounds, we won’t be doing that, don’t compare us to any of those others you might have used before and don’t compare our prices, we charge what we charge and work things out to make sure its priced properly.



Been let down?

Sometimes when people get let down by those ULTRA LOW PRICED characters customers can never remember the name of  they expect us to match whatsis-names price for 50 quid job, which is usually massively underpriced, we don’t operate that way. The reason you’ve been let down is because you choose the really cheap option, the nice sounding guy who said nothing but yes to everything you asked, who didn’t ask you anything but there was plenty to find out that wasn’t forthcoming,  whatsis-name or “some guy off gumtree” was really cheap though, so you should match his price of whatsis name, but the most crucial part to it all is he never even bothered turning up, not such a nice guy now is he, so nice you can’t even be bothered to remember his name?

When you book us we turn up a the time booked with no excuses and with the capacity to do the job and knowing exactly what we are doing if we have been given the correct information.

Looking for a quote ?
Before you call follow these steps

1. Date of Move
2. Both addresses involved.
3. Whats being moved (try not to guess)
4. Any other useful information that may affect moving.

Call 07730263353

All in all we are straight talkers and that’s it !

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