Moving on leith walk , van man removals cannot offer this service anymore due to the tram line, widening of pavements for little used cycle lanes and the removal of most of the accessible parking spaces, loading bays used to park cars or delivery services all the way down leith walk from Gayfield place , Elm row to the foot of the walk.

There doesn’t seem to be many solutions unless it involves long walks from the side streets which are also restricted. The city of Edinburgh council has not thought this through, or maybe it has and the plan of removing parking spaces and the ability of Edinburgh residents and small businesses to freely take deliveries and move has been taken away to be made extremely difficult and is ongoing elsewhere.

Local shops in leith walk must be struggling to take deliveries of stock and suppliers risk parking tickets and delays to their schedule. This seems to be an attack on ORDINARY WORKING residents uk wide as its happening in most city and no one is questioning it.

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