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Archive for March, 2013

Moving madness – luton van size

April brings sunshine and showers and our fantastic offer for you ! Whats the offer i hear you ask ? well im going to let you into a secret , you know all those lutons that go around town and you think you can get a 2+ bed roomed flat in them just because its a removal company, you cant ! Its purely psychological on customers part to think one luton van size fits all attitude, why is this - absolutely  everyone seem to think this !!  even thinking TINY transit vans will do the job, this is just not…

Artwork movers Edinburgh

Van man removals Edinburgh are the preferred art movers Edinburgh to future stars of the art world moving works for Kevin Harman, Kenny Watson, Louise Gibson, Alex Alan, Claire flatley. Martin at van man removals Edinburgh is renowned to give superb removal services and provide the care and attention works of art require. Moving works from Scottish gallery or to an installation at the Newhaven gallery all with care and the utmost of attention . Artists are always short of money and need someone they can rely on to move  artworks on a budget with prices they can deal with,…

Luton removal Van Edinburgh

looking for a removal van for moving in Edinburgh we have the capacity to move a little to a lot with our moving vans Ideal for removal of personal effects and cheap van man hire.

Removals Van Hire Edinburgh

Removals Van Hire Edinburgh- Breaking with tradition from offering fixed prices on info which is usually a bit wrong Van man removals Edinburgh have decided to do an experiment of offering hourly rates, just so we can work our fingers to the bone for little reward! No seriously, let’s think about it, hourly rates always bring out the best in customers. Old friends they never knew they had or friends they never knew they liked them are asked on the day to help move , long lost relatives invited round, acquaintances at work asked, next door neighbours, people in the…

City Car Van Club

City car club spots are sprouting up all over Edinburgh and other cities throughout the uk and are now offering vans! I’ve looked into the costing after a recent customer wanted help unload the city car club van after traveling up from the borders. I was slightly baffled by the cost he paid out but he seemed quite happy to have paid £72 per day plus 22p per mile. Which after his journey of 105 mile trip had set him back £95 for one day and it was his second day of use. The city car club offers Vw transporter…

White Van Man Edinburgh Hire

White van man Edinburgh “White van man” the term stereotype used to describe drivers of 3.5 ton light commercial vehicles such as the Ford Transit van . Such vehicles are commonly white in colour . The stereotype represents the drivers of such vehicles as having poor driving skills and / or an aggressive and inconsiderate manner. The stereotypical “white van man” is often self-employed running a small business such as builder, carpenter, or plumbers or indeed a small removals company. Little do most people know that there are actually decent white van men out there working hard to give customer…

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