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Archive for November, 2013

Mobile card payments for Removal jobs Edinburgh

Card Payments   We have decided to try and move with the times and now have the abilty to take credit card and debit card payments for man and van home removal jobs . This carries a small fee of 2.75 % on top of the removal cost but its a small price to pay if you only have this option of payment eg a company credit card or for standard customers more likely you couldnt bothered to go to the bank to get the cash out before the job started , dont we all love waiting longer than we…

Reliable removals

Not so Reliable removals What are the best excuses for removal companies not to turn up for a job? Over past years we see it almost weekly basis mostly from gumtree adverts for cheap man and van services suggesting they are reliable removals companies or the plain, no information at-all, leaflet through the door from so called “rope you in” established many years movers in Edinburgh whose mobile number is a new looking number, so ends that lie of being well established ! No address is mentioned in case the tax man get wind of it! Reliable removals Usually the…

Removalist Edinburgh

Removalist Edinburgh - We are currently trying and failing to find a way to make it clear as possible when you call a man with a van for needing Removalist Edinburgh services thats whats required ( one man + van) and its not always two men and a van who turn up even when priced only for one man. Prices vary to keep moving costs low and the more men the more costs involved so clarity on the customers part is a must and never assume one guy is suited to do the job alone. Yes some removalist men in…

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