House Clearances

We undertake House clearances Edinburgh and currently hold a valid sepa license; you need this to legally transport household waste in a vehicle and take to the local Private (Not council) Tip. Anyone who does House clearances in Edinburgh should be able to tell you their registration number or show the document for legally transporting household waste in Edinburgh, if they cant, don’t use them.

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Do you need that garage or shed cleared out or just have an array of household junk lying around? We can do free Household clearance estimates over the phone or for lager jobs we can come round and have a look to give you a quote. We normally charge the time it takes to do the job and whatever the weight is after the vehicle had been on the weigh bridge at the local private tip. We can also dispose of scrap metal or goods like washing machines , car batteries, old machines, engines, car wheels etc.

House clearances Edinburgh

If you wish to recycle goods you will need to separate plastics/ metals/wood etc. Normally the council workers at the refuse tip tell you to put it into the landfill if it’s all connected together with various materials, like plastic chairs with metal legs, beds with wood/metal on them. The green idealists don’t realise this needs to be done falsely thinking their saving the planet by telling you to take goods to the recycling site. It’s all flung into a big bin and dumped in a landfill. Unless you do this material separation work prior to visiting the private tip.

New rules mean no businesses can use the Edinburgh Council tip.

As of last October 15 we now have to use a privately run disposal centre and unfortunately, they charge a minimum weight charge, so disposal costs have increased due to this. The weight is half a ton, so we have to justify the cots, plus they do not take fridges.

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