Removalist Edinburgh – We are currently trying and failing to find a way to make it clear as possible when you call a man with a van for needing Removalist Edinburgh services thats whats required ( one man + van) and its not always two men and a van who turn up even when priced only for one man. Prices vary to keep moving costs low and the more men the more costs involved so clarity on the customers part is a must and never assume one guy is suited to do the job alone.

Yes some removalist men in a van charge £15 quid for two men, but I dont, mainly because i have running costs of a proper business to consider, even though we can still offer professional low cost removalist services in Edinburgh. A small tip, anyone charging £15 for a delivery is best well avoided unles you simply dont care about being let down or getting stuff damaged, then acting all suprised when this happens and bemoan the fact !

Removalist Edinburgh

Getting the price right for customer is paramound, but sometimes giving the right info on customers part isnt as accurate as we like it to be and creates issues on both sides , firstly one removalist Edinburgh man arrives to carry our the move on customer requests insisting one man can do the job when this backfires whne infact two men are needed the movers time has been wasted and customers time has been wasted mostly due to saving a few poounds and not thinking about the situation properly.




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