Not so Reliable removals

What are the best excuses for removal companies not to turn up for a job?

Over past years we see it almost weekly basis mostly from gumtree adverts for cheap man and van services suggesting they are reliable removals companies or the plain, no information at-all, leaflet through the door from so called “rope you in” established many years movers in Edinburgh whose mobile number is a new looking number, so ends that lie of being well established ! No address is mentioned in case the tax man get wind of it!

Reliable removals

Usually the most common its turning the phone off so there`s no contact with customer as they couldn’t care less about you, its Friday late afternoon I’ve got my money from the weeks work and child benefits come in so why bother, I’m well sorted and you can ring as many times as you like I will never answer !

Next most common excuse is the vans broken down, or its failed its mot and the ahem “other van” ,which doesn’t exist, is on a big job down south, this is normally used by gumtree movers types who are out of town and have booked you in hoping they get more work to justify coming into town to help you but it’s not turned out as good as expected so they tell you at last minute or just wait for the “where the hell are you” call and its always to late but who cares anyway?

One strange one that happens is one guy who places ads and gets some of the above types to do work for them for a cut of the removal fee, generally they have no control of the man and van guys they use as it’s just a phone line they look after and not a proper relocation business. Sometimes the so called movers they  use don’t speak good English and simply don’t understand instructions or are so dodgy they just can’t be trusted and it’s like Russian roulette booking with these types – always be wary of third party arrangements no matter how smooth they sound on the phone.

My recent best one was according to the customer guy can’t do it because he’s broken his wrist and ribs and hes not a mover to trade hes a scaffolder with a works van  , well good luck to you mister with that move  !

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