There is rarely any average amount of stuff to be moved for anyone when moving as everyone has different habits, lifestyles, Hobbies, Garden stuff, Children’s toys, you name it etc, never assume we the removal company that you’re contacting for a quote know whats being moved or anything about you or your circumstances , that is unless we have been told!


Never assume that by living in a certain size of house or a flat, we, without being told anything, automatically know whats being moved because you think it’s an average amount, what is an average amount of stuff anyway if we all live different life’s and lifestyles?


Assumptions create unnecessary problems and will effect the quote due to inaccuracy of information.


We like things to go smoothly as I’m sure most customers do as well.  Its quite stressful when moving home or flat and thinking straight at the same time, so i hear, so please try and take a step back take a few breaths then check what you have possession wise by looking into all those nooks and crannies you haven’t looked at, even if its a guesstimate,  then add 50% to the list you might be right, but then I’m now assuming myself now so you see the danger of assumptions.


When you send us a list, thats all what we understand you need to be moved, we know nothing else unless we are told, we don’t assume anything else other than the job you have requested from us for a removal service so please don’t think we automatically know whats being moved using the law of averages.



We never assume anything nor should you!




















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