Really very simple common sense moving tips everyone should really know


Follow these simple common sense tips for your moving day to save head scratching confusion and all round chaos that can be simply avoided by thinking just a little!


Firstly in this day and age of technology most people are glued to their mobile phone that is unless its that moment an urgent call is needed to be answered, make sure your phone is turned on, fully charged, ringer on – not vibrate or silent. The mover might want to get hold of you quickly and if its turned off whats the use in that? Sometimes a mover may need to contact you to say he’s late, lost or even if he’s super efficient like us and can we arrive early and start early to see the daunting task that awaits.


Make sure the bell, buzzer, intercom works and the removal man knows what button to press, crazy but true, sometimes we are not told what flat buzzer to ring.

Is it a flat number, have you told the mover, has the buzzer name or some distinctive mark scrawled on the bell to identify it? thus making things a lot easier.

Let him know if it doesn’t work and he needs to call for access, helpful to know any of these things one way or another.


When a mover arrives and asked to be shown whats being moved show him, don’t half heartedly point out what you can see in front of you unless, that is, if thats all thats going. Be decisive with the walk around, if its multi-rooms and garden stuff, sheds, garage etc show him everything. A mover asks to be shown round for a few reasons, firstly to make sure the details match the job description and to see whats going in the van in a efficient methodical order, this to make sure its packed professionally to ensure safe  transportation. Remember a mover doesn’t know anything about what you have possession wise or the layout of the property being moved until he sees it.


Don’t randomly drag stuff into the hallway during a move or advise what to put in van first, you’re not packing the van, so please leave stuff where it is unless instructed by the the removal men.


Clear shoes, bikes, coats, any stuff from the entrance door so it opens fully, there is no point in moving stuff if the main door can only be opened halfway due to 20-30 pairs of shoes behind it, plus 20 odd coats on the coat hooks.


Make sure the mover has the right address and details, yes it happens all the time, wrong number, wrong streets even the wrong town. Double check every-things right, if its in the middle of nowhere or a house with no number and is just a name, like dunroaming, give decent directions so the property is identified quickly, thus saving driving up and down streets or country lanes trying to read names at a distance.


Are you down a dead end lane, dirt track with overhanging trees or a mews type property or one way narrow street? Best tell the removal man before he finds out when he gets to the destination.


Is it a new build your moving

Have directions to hand and some helpful pointers to find it like the builders name, name of the site, and maybe an established road its just off where the build is if its not on google maps yet.
Don’t have painters in or carpet fitters in at the same time, its a total pain and creates problems and makes the job take a lot longer and the removal man would be within rights to add costs to delays caused buy this. We understand you’re under pressure and want it all done at once but paint and carpet fitters don’t mix well on a moving day.



Selling and buying on the same day

Has the solicitor bothered informed you its generally common practice  to be out you property at 12 noon, most first time buyers haven’t a clue, this so the money transfers can go though on each side and each side has vacated. There no waiting in all day for that call saying you can now move, you need to be out  at 12 and it could be quick or it could drag on till 5pm before you get the keys to your new home. Movers need to know all this when asking for a quote as it affects the price, generally you need to book a removal man for a full day due to this.

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