Calling for a quote to move something

You like anyone will expected to be asked some questions, all very perfectly natural for a removal service or any type of business for that matter to be inquisitive about what you need?


Lack of information but still want a price?

Sometimes callers/Emails come across as  reluctant to answer questions, which is not the best of starts for initial first impressions, almost like something is being hidden, this makes the job of giving an approx quote very difficult and all a bit confusing as to why a call has been received if nothing is forthcoming? Its impossible to quote if we don’t know the answers to the questions.


You’re asking too many questions! (Not whens it’s a takeaway your ordering, so whats the difference?)

You need to be in a mindset of thinking you are calling a takeaway and are going to have to inform the person answering the phone call of what you need, imagine saying its “just the usual stuff i want” or ” I want some food” to the guy? it would likely end with them putting the phone down but not after a few well chosen words! Removals is the same thing really, relying on as much information to work to give some kind of a quote, but its furniture moving, not food.


Its just basic common sense question with straightforward answers!

Most questions are pretty basic stuff, we are not asking for your banking password, maiden names, dob, just some simple questions and answerers are expected to be known by the customer.


Heres some questions and why they are asked!


  • Date of move, helpful to know If the mover can help you on that day, so some idea at the very start of the call is helpful and makes things move along or not so best getting those details in first.


  • Addresses? Basics like is it a flat/house, just giving postcodes or saying local is pointless,  postcodes need to be researched on google maps taking up time during a call, no mover knows addresses with just the postcodes. Some people say eh6 to eh15 etc this means absolutely nothing to us if we don’t have street addresses, keep it simple so have addresses to hand and it’ll make the call go quicker, whats the big secret anyway?


  • Whats being moved? Some kind of inventory list is helpful, saying its just my stuff  or just the usual or it’ll fit in a van isn’t helpful really. A list is needed to make sure the right van is used and we understand the size of the job!


  • Anything needing dismantled? This takes up lots of time, if we have quoted you a fixed price and we have to use tools when not expected its chargeable, perfectly normal to charge more if a job takes longer. Any ikea wardrobes or beds need dismantled, they are not build to be lifted and moved.


  • How many stay in the property? Why ask this you ask? If you say its 5 boxes, 2 bags, and you’re asked this question and then say 5 people are moving and it’s a full move, Id say somethings just not right!


  • Have you had any quotes? Sometimes its handy to know this incase someone has quoted you something very low and it’ll be obvious ours and your expectations just wont be met on price. If you are moving a 2 bedroom flat and it’s a full move and you’ve had a quote of £90 we shall be wishing you luck with the move and ending the call. If we give you a price, it’s our price,  we are not willing to argue over quoted prices, or hear how someone else did it for far less last time, we are not that person! You don’t argue at the supermarket checkout when your shopping goes through the till, or do  you?


  • Whats the parking like? Helpful to know if the removal van can part outside or you’re in a courtyard/off street and haven’t mentioned this so far so it helps draws this information out. If the van has to park a long distance from location the price will need to be adjusted accordingly.


  • Time you need? This not be asked but if you call wanting a job done on Sunday evening between 8-9pm its best to say this at the start rather than wait till a quote is given. It’s surprising how many people after a quote is given start dictating exact times due to one reason or another when this should have been brought up at the start of the call.


  • Are you buying and selling? Even though its down the list this is pretty important to know, we shouldn’t really  have to ask as you’ve already told us as waiting in keys is all unknown waiting times. You more or less have to account for a whole day provision when booking jobs like that.




Would you like to be asked those questions?

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