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Watching dragons den the other night there was a removal company called van girls looking to borrow money to expand the removal business. Being in the moving business 11 years and not being an expert as no one ever is, one thing i do know no penny is easy to earn and the value of a moving/relocation company is hard to price unless you are branded and have some niche selling point, which sometimes is restrictive in itself , or some kind of guaranteed long term contract, and from what i have heard pickfords, who van girls are going to get work from drive a very hard bargain, if you need to team up to get work you’re doing something wrong in my opinion and actually pickfords contract loads of movers to take on their work. Pickfords are big, but their reputations isn’t  really that good as most of the staff are agency workers and couldn’t care less. Ive seen some well know movers up for sale over the years for the value of the old vans they own and some extra which really amounts to very little for 20-30 years of work and no where near a value of £750K as the van girls thought there business was worth.

The vans girls wanted £75,0000 valuing the business at £750,000 and a current with monthly turnover of £8000 per month  for 5 days a week, why 5 days, people move 7 days a week, and looking at the site it looks like up to 10 staff. Im not a genius but the figures seem a bit over optimistic and considering they must be running 2-3 vans and working in London that generally pays a premium price for all home type services this would be a failing business considering the costs involved if its true what the person said. With that turnover in london id think it was a 1 woman and 1 van  business with a casual labourer to help now and gain.

Woman are capable of moving items and I’m sure van girls will find a niche market, moving just woman i’ll assume. There was a woman and van in the Edinburgh and  lothian area who came and went, I do know someone who used them and they failed to lift something that was quite a substantial weight and a valued artwork, maybe she didn’t play rugby or wasn’t in the fire service in a past life? The moving game can be pretty tough and getting a removal business to be worth £750k is way off for them and most of us movers unless they have lots of 2nd hand vans worth £750k.

A Moving companies worth is the cost of a van and any equipment, thats is usually very low value and if you are lucky to have property like a storage warehouse involved that the only thing  that adds the value to the business.

We are not van girls, van gals, van gurls and we employ no woman and no woman has ever asked for a job moving stuff with me! but we can help you move if you are a man or a woman, we don’t really mind so no niche picky choosy cliques with this business.

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Van Girls Edinburgh

We are not van girls.

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