I’m seriously considering changing the business name to urgent emergency movers Edinburgh or short notice same day removals. We, at the end of past 7 days have carried out 4 classic we’ve been let down style jobs please help us in our desperate hour of need some idiot of gumtree Edinburgh has let us down.

It’s always same when you deal with a middle man doing man and van style removals who’s getting local eastern Europeans to work for them for a low wage or out of work pin money types who can’t really be trusted to turn up, but oh, doesn’t he sound so professional on the phone! He’s relying on guys to turn up he has no control over and doesn’t give a stuff if he gets the job done or not as long as he’s got some money in his pocket.

People can have dramatic lives and always want to share it with as many as they can when it turns this way, so as a removals company we get the benefit of this as when times get dramatic and its walk out time youll need ot move your gear out as soon as possible.

Urgent Same day Removals Edinburgh

So next time you want reliable movers for Urgent same day removals edinburgh  give us a call I certainly won’t let you down and i can understand what it is your saying 🙂

Urgent same day Removals.

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