Trade waste disposal services are changing in Edinburgh

Trade waste disposals in Edinburgh are changing from October 23rd 2015 and Edinburgh council are no longer offering trade waste disposals at the community recycling centres due to a lack of revenue.

This means all those small man and vans removal outfits doing home/household, office, business waste disposals will no longer be allowed to use seafield or sight hill community recycling centre in Edinburgh to dump waste removed for homes and businesses, this means the days of thats guy off gumtree Edinburgh charging 10 quid to dump  chair is now gone.

The only way to dispose of it is by illegally fly-tipping, as most of them do, just go up dairy or gorgie or that bit on salamander street that removal company with green van with white writing dump there wares, or open an account at a private refuse waste tip which usually charge a minimum of 1 ton per visit, so disposing of a single items could cost as much £120 which logically is ridiculous and very expensive.

Edinburgh council will spend more time clearing the streets of the household rubbish being fly-tipped by waste disposals services found on sites like Edinburgh gumtree who will refuse to pay private tipping fees but still want to continue clearing houses etc.

Edinburgh council don’t make money from the current trade waste at the recycling centres due to having a high percentage of illegal transactions taking place, staff taking back-hand cash payments from doing the guy disposing stuff instead of paying the weighbridge tipping charge price like the rest of us have to.

So from now on when a guy says he will take your stuff for disposal ask him where he’s going with it as it wont be the council tip. The only good news now is ethical waste disposal operators can charge the going rate and those everything dumped for a tenner chaps are now numbered.


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