Furniture can make your home even beautiful. There is a wide variety of furniture of different size, shape and colors. But now day’s furniture has become very expensive. It’s sometimes difficult for the normal people to buy such expensive luxuries again and again with changing styles. But what’s wrong if you get modern looking furniture in less than half of its price without going to ikea like everyone else.


Second hand furniture is something which can make your dreams come true. They are very cheap as compared to buying new, especially when buying online from sites like Edinburgh gumtree or eBay or one of the secondhand furniture auctions in Edinburgh .


Let’s have a look at the top 5 tips before buying second hand furniture.



  • Check everything from top to bottom: While buying second hand furniture, there is no guarantee that the things would be 100% perfect condition. So before exchanging money check everything is acceptable ands life left in it from the drawers checking all working, seats not worn away etc. if you find something damaged then you can decide whether you can live with it or not, don’t be afraid to walk away from a sale, some people find this hard to do but if there is something not quite right you need to decide or you can haggle for the right price.


  • Make sure, can you own someone’s property: Before buying second hand furniture make sure you are more or less adopting someone else’s property,some people can’t live with old stuff. As in it might have different odors like from smoke, animals if they own dogs also it has germs. So before buying anything have a good think, decide and then go for it or walk. It would be waste of money, time and energy if you feel awkward on sitting or using someone’s property after buying it nothing worse than items with odour especially send hand mattresses.


  • Prefer metal over wood for garden furniture: It is seen that metal garden furniture’s have a longer life as compared to the wood ones. So if you have choice for wrought iron garden furniture or wood than surely go for iron. Wood in many cases usually gets discoloured and needs constantly treated regularly over time to avoid rotting. With metal or better still  wrought iron  if you see some rust on it, just get it clean and painted. It would give a new and decent look to the furniture.


  • Ask retailers if they have end of line ranges: Furniture retailers who have show items that are not for sale but just for show update ranges constantly and can also sell them when its time to upgrade furniture ranges. Lots of retailers have end of line sales and you can grab a bargain when this happens.


  • Make a list of places to visit to find furniture: where can i buy old secondhand furniture online or from a shop, there are many places online like your local gumtree site and eBay shops, the next best place to see items and bid for it are Auction houses there are many located in Edinburgh area like Ramsey cornish and Browns auction house both located in the leith area of the city.



  • These tips for sure have given you some idea how to buy second hand furniture. Make sure you follow them and gain as much profit as possible.


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