Special Uplifts Edinburgh

(Before you ask,  it’s not free, don’t compare us to Edinburgh council uplift charges!)

Looking for an alternative to Edinburgh council special uplifts to avoid waiting sometimes over 5 weeks and not having to get someone to help you struggle to remove the items out your house or flat for waste disposal, Edinburgh council special uplift team wont help unless you are disabled and even then they might be cack-handed when moving it out.

Edinburgh council free uplifts

(Nothing, yes nothing, is free in life)

Van man can provide, at a cost for labour and the disposal fee, 2 men to lift the items carefully out for disposal to the tip if needed and potentially collect your item for disposal on the sameday unlike Edinburgh council special uplifts. We might be more expensive than the heavily subsidised council, they should be charging way more than £5 per item, it is a business after all, but when you take into account the council ask you to have it on the pavement from 7am in the morning of the special uplift collection making it that bit more awkward. Never mind finding someone who can help you lift it out your house without damaging the walls, doors as often happens when mates or friendly neighbours come to help, you’ll never hear the end of it afterwards as well.

Edinburgh special uplifts

Give is a call to discuss if you want an alternative to Edinburgh council special uplift service we are a valid waste disposal operator in Edinburgh with an alternative to the now ending council tips for trade waste thus removing cowboy tippers who operate on the fringe of waste disposal in Edinburgh.

Please note be as accurate as possible of what you need disposed, the price given isn’t for unlimited amounts  for disposal or any extra items on top of what we have been told and priced for.

Call special uplift hotline 07730263353

we use whatsapp as well.

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