Buying and selling a home on the same day

If you’ve been lucky and you have managed to sell your home in Edinburgh and are buying a new or first home you’re possibly thinking of getting ready to contact a home or flat mover for a quote to move your personal effects? There are a few things you should consider planning for a removal if you have no idea of the workings of selling and buying on the same day in Scotland, One things for sure the solicitors won’t tell you!

Being vacated at a certain time.

If selling and buying on the same day you more than likely will be using the funds from the sale of your old home to purchase the new property, this means you need to be out of the property you’re selling, usually by noon on the date of the sale, and will be having waiting game for bank funds to transfer to purchase the new place, which could be quick or take hours, these are all unknown factors and never guaranteed a time.

Waiting on keys a problem.

What issues could arise when moving? well you might not have mentioned all this to the movers of your worldly possessions about the potential wait for keys for access, you’d be surprised how many customers seem to think it’s not relevant to tell the removal company, but its very relevant! firstly the price of the property removal, what happens if the movers have to wait hours for the keys, time is money and we all have to pay bills, so unfortunately you will or should be charged for this waiting time, why would a business holding your possessions in their lorry or van be at a standstill without being paid for sitting time thats of no fault of their own? They movers may have other work booked due to not knowing about the waiting on keys scenario so information is key to a smooth removals day.

One trip vital on the day.

The other important issue is there will be no second trips to move the home contents, you need to be out in one go, no multiple trips back and forth in a wee van or the back of a car. If you haven’t moved all your worldly goods out before the set vacating time this is breach of sale, thus causing issues with the purchasers when they turn up to move in. Imagine if you turned up at the new property and found the old owners still moving stuff out when you’re ready to move in, your movers will be held up and this could increase the final bill and all round stress for everyone involved, including the removal company, so information is the key to success and planning the move is vital!

Cheapest Moving cost isn’t always the best or sensible option.

Don’t always pick the cheap option, if you’ve not told the mover everything about the move it’s not their fault, movers don’t know you, don’t know where you live or are going, and don’t have unfortunately don’t posses psychic powers! if the mover turns up with one luton van for the removal of you possessions from a 2/3 bedroomed property it’s unlikely it will be a stress free day for you, luton vans can only usually take a one bedroomed property, so be clear to them about selling and buying situation, potential key wait, the size of the property to be moved and addresses, any decent mover will ask the correct questions and beware of those who don’t, even if the sound really nice on the phone!

Pressure solicitors for access!

One other tip is to continually be in contact with your conveyancing solicitors to pressure them for the fund transfer updates and key situation, solicitors have a habit of vanishing from 1130 onwards till after lunchtime, so beware of those pointless common delaying tactics.

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