Renting Van or hiring a man with a van seems to be a bit of confusing recently with people calling up for quotes, did you know renting a van is not the same as hiring a man and van to do the job to move stuff.

Why on earth would anyone think a man would have a van as a removal business and match renting a van prices in Edinburgh, it wouldn’t make any financial sense at all. Renting the smallest van costs from £25 plus all legalities involved plus fuel costs and sorting out labour to help move stuff. Hiring Luton vans of rental companies varies quite a bit going from £80 a day to £120 a day plus all your fuel charges so you have a choice rent a van and drive it yourself and get friends to help or hire a professional man and van service that costs a bit more than renting a van.

Renting Van or hiring a man with a van

So if you want a van and man for a whole day it’s not going to be £35 quid plus £6.50 per hour like some people think! That would not be the right way to run a small removal business in Edinburgh or anywhere else for that matter. For example I had someone looking for a guy and a van for a whole day from Edinburgh to Stirling when I quoted for 8 hours the abuse I got was needless “ I can rent a f***** van for £35, get to f*** “ was his reply, yes that’s kind of true, but when you take into account time for a working driver, fuel for 90 miles and some profit to run a business it costs quite a bit more than that and why one earth would anyone do a job that would involve hard labour with little reward?

So if you want a to hire a man with a van give us a call 07730263353

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