Removal Porter Assistance

Are you a UK removals company needing removal porterage assistance in Edinburgh and just need help to unload the removal van we are here to help you. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small man and a van outfit just needing a lift on or off taking just 10 mins or many hours.

Keep removal labour costs Low


Ideally a removal business wants to keep customers prices low and get you the job saving you paying wages for a man sitting for 5-10 hours doing nothing, or a large national company looking for 1-3 removal porters to help pack and assistance loading or unloading in a short space of time if a job suddenly becomes a problem volume wise and you urgently need more help, but cost wise it’s not viable to send over all the staff, we offer highly reliable removal porter hire service.

European Removal Assistance


We are also on hand to help european removal companies travelling over from mainland Europe and who may need porterage help in Edinburgh if you’re on a tight turnaround and need to keep to a schedule to catch a ferry etc or the jobs backfired with lack of customer information and it’s now turned into an urgent issue.

Packing and Moving porter assistance.


Skilled at packing and moving we offer high value for money and a work rate that is second to none, we work hard and yes its not all true about what they may say about Scottish workers. We are on time, sober, and any bookings for porterage help are honoured!

Removal survey – Edinburgh area only.


If you have questions about any location in Edinburgh or infact the removal job you are doing if its in the city of Edinburgh we offer a removal survey visit to let you know whats involved and if required take images of the job if suitable and if any parking issues that may arise.

Call or text Martin, 07730263353

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