Where to buy a home for under £100,000 in Edinburgh

Are you a first time buyer looking to buy a new property in Edinburgh and your budget is under £100,000 you might find it a bit difficult to find the right place. The average property price in Edinburgh is £253000 which is pretty much out of reach for the average 1st time buyer and would mean you would need a salary of at least £80000 to afford this.


First Time buyer

Properties costing under £100,000 are quite rare but if you look you can find some decent one bedroomed properties or if your lucky a 2 bedroomed property in Edinburgh and not far from town meaning you need to earn £30,000 per year to get a mortgage to afford one unless you have been saving all your pennies for a few years.

Close to Edinburgh city centre

Some of the ares to look closest to the Edinburgh city centre are Gorgie and Dalry areas, popular with renters in recent times and 10 mins walk from the city centre. A lot of the old tenements in these areas need upgrading and often its quite hard for residents to agree on upgrades so when looking make sure you find a decent stair and all is in order. The only issues with these areas is its lost its sense of community in past 15 years and people come and go on a regular basis and your neighbours might change regular.


Edinburgh East

The next best places to buy in my opinion is Lochend, Easter road, restalrig, Leith on the east side of Edinburgh, surprisingly close to the city centre and lots of local shops and if you are lucky it might be possible to get a 2 bedroomed property for under £100,000 ideal for first time buyer. These ares especially leith and easter road are hot spots for renters due to location on bus routes and plentiful variety of shops. for different cultures so you have a massive choice.


Further from town

The other ares to look for properties on or under the £100k mark but a wee bit further from the centre and a bit more edgy if you don’t know Edinburgh are Oxgangs, Longstone, Wester hailes, East craigs, Clermiston, Granton, Pilton, Muirhouse, Craigmiller, Niddrie,


Simple Buying tips

Simple Small tips on buying, if the gardens, front areas, stairs are messy and gardens are full of rubbish it might mean no one cares and might create issues if you choose to buy, do you really want that stress? Always look for tidy gardens, clean windows, clutter free gardens, tidy bins and damage free Entrance areas and make sure the buzzer intercom works.

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