Provided just a postcode for an emailed Removal quote? well unless the human removal mans brain is like a satellite navigation system, working out complex calculations with the full UK postcode at his disposal, or a complex nurtured well trained brain like the black cab knowledge test requires it generally won’t mean anything to him without the full address.

It’s quite surprising how most customers expect a postcode to be sufficient for an accurate quote, for example eh22 to td11 does that mean anything to you ..? Just as I thought! Its always best to combine the postcode with full address including also the town, city or village , being even more helpful in pointing out its actually in the middle of the countryside and very difficult to find especially at night , never mind the postcode that’s given doesn’t actually take you there in the first place and roads are not the best for driving at more than 30 mph, so when satellite navigation says it will take 2 hours in reality it will take at least 3!

The more information initially provided for a removal quote the better, it saves a lot of time wasted asking countless questions that should be simple to deal with. Providing postcodes only seems to be popular but without other parts like the full address it can be quite hard to work prices out for a Man with a van Edinburgh.

Think about it
Full address
If it’s in the countryside add clear instructions how to get there.
If past delivery drivers always tell you its hard to find… say so
If you are up a small country road and it’s not easy- tell us!
Send a Map link with location

Click Text-whatsap 0773026653