That time of year again when it s a wee bit quiet and you get those calls saying I’ve been let down by some random man and van guy off gumtree or the dreaded facebook, well why did you choose the one you chose? Charm on the phone, sounded nice, complied with everything you said without any questions about the job or just way cheaper than all the other quotes? i can guess which one , but sometimes you need to take a few things into account when picking a mover to move your valuable possessions.

Gumtree, facebook, a minefield of anonymous man and vans.

Why are the van movers so cheap ? How on earth can they charge £80 with 2 men or lower to move 60 odd items ranging from various items of furniture, a mixture of bags, boxes and bits-n-bobs from a top floor flat with bad parking to a 2nd floor? Apart from it being total madness, probably because they aren’t doing this full/part time for a living and it’s the wee rusty van with 6 months mot bought for 500 quid last week or a free works van in-between jobs, apparently its a dead easy living carrying stuff going up and down 60-100 stairs 30+ times in a row, thats if you can even be bothered turning up. Never mind the fact you cant even remember the name they gave or person you spoke to, have you even got the right phone number, as you do when wanting someone to move your worldly possessions and now the van movers haven’t turned up and all communications are dead.

You cost more than the anonymous guy who never even turned up!

But your price is higher? Well, taking into account the moving van and man you’re gauging our quote on hasn’t even bothered turned up, his phone is switched off and you have been left helpless and in a panic, please don’t even compare anything with these unreliable to reliable movers . This is the unfortunate thing in this highly competitive moving van and man market, you get regularly compared to all the other man with a van movers, we are not all the same, we don’t work on a can i be bothered doing this job timetable, please remember that! Some of us actually do it full time for a living and don’t let people down once booked, whats the point of being in business if thats how you operate?

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