Piano removals Edinburgh – we offer a second hand piano Moving service in Edinburgh for the smaller sized pianos eg uprights and not grand pianos.

Our prices are very fair and we are fully equipped to move them with piano dolly or lifting harness if required.

Here are how to identify them if you are thinking of asking for a piano removal in Edinburgh.

The piano comes in various different styles and come in two basic categories: vertical and horizontal pianos.

Vertical pianos are called this because of their height and the position of the strings. The height of this kind of piano range from 92 to 152 cms. Coming in 4 types:

Spinet – Height of around 92cms to 97cm and width of 148cms.

Spinets are the smallest of the pianos. Ideal choice for people who live in limited accommodation spaces such as apartments and studio flats.

The Console Piano – larger than the spinet, console’s height ranges from 102 to 110 cms and is approximately 148 cms width..

Studio – The style of piano you usually find in music schools/music studios. The studio is around 115 to 142cms in height and has a width of approximately 148inches. It produces good tone quality and is very durable.

Upright – This is the tallest among the vertical pianos, with a height ranging from 127cms to 153cms and an approximate width of 147cms.When maintained properly, it stands the test of time and maintains a rich tone.

Horizontal Pianos – or as you may know it a grand piano. Grand’s are called horizontal pianos because of their length and the placement of strings. Grand pianos produce finer tones and have the most responsive key action. There are 6 basic types:

Petite Grand – smallest of the horizontal pianos. It ranges in size from 135cms to 148cms. Small but with very powerful tones.

Baby Grand – The most popular type of piano which ranging from 150 to166cms in size. Popular choice because of its sound quality, appeal and cost.

The Medium Grand –Slightly Larger than the baby grand at around 168cms and with same qualities.

The Parlour Grand – These ranges in size from 175cms to 185cms.

Semi concert or Ballroom piano- Next size up from the Parlour Grand piano, approximately 188cmsto 214cms.

Concert Grand – At around 275cms, the largest of all the grand pianos

We are not responsible for taking anything of the piano.

Removing any doors in the property for access for the piano.

Turning it on its side to gain access.

The customer is responsible to make sure the piano goes in with ease and fits in its position.

We only move pianos ground floor to ground floor due to the vast expense in moving it on stairs and the extra labour involved

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