October Mad Crazy Offer!

Breaking with tradition from offering fixed prices on info which is usually a bit wrong Van man removals Edinburgh have decided to do an experiment of offering hourly rates, just so we can work our fingers to the bone for little reward! No seriously, let’s think about it, hourly rates always bring out the best in customers. Old friends they never knew they had or friends they never knew they liked them are asked on the day to help move , long lost relatives invited round, acquaintances at work asked, next door neighbours, people in the checkout queue – you name it ! The more able bodies on hand to help the move go quicker, gets done fast, and best of all the more you save!

So call us on our offer of a 13.5 cubic meter modern clean equipped panel van or a massive Luton dropwell 20 cubic meters in size or about 800 ft size with one man or two. You graft hard, you can save money and get a good workout as well!

We have a min charge on the Luton ( 2 hours) as it’s a fuel guzzler, its huge and costly to run but one of the biggest 3.5 tons around.

Take advantage of this great offer, we only charge per 30 minutes, so no rip off just over the hour charges or worst still hourly rates for smaller vehicles that you don’t know are small till parked outside you door.

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