Licence check code.

Now before you get all excited thinking you can now get rid of that old lost copy clean replacement licence you had without the tell tail points, and all the bad stuff you think you got away with when renting a vehicle, there is now no hiding place. When you go to rent a vehicle you now need to go online to generate a licence check code which can be obtained from the government website you need your driving licence number, postcode of the address the driving licence is registered plus the strange one of your national insurance number.

The Driving Licence check code has now to be given to the vehicle rental company or future employers to check everything on your licence before renting out a vehicle or letting you drive the company van, rather than anyone taking your word for it you have a clean licence, you know some people do tell lies!

This is obviously going to cause problems and probably a few job losses for those who didn’t declare driving convictions and no doubt hold up at the rental agency with customers arguing about it, but thats the law now,  just another step towards a future of being identified with one form of id with all Uk individuals details on it, next stop the microchip implant!

If you want to go direct to the licence check code this is the Url below


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