What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a word being used more and more recently but it’s an ancient concept, so we are told, and practised by buddhists and taken by current trendies to push into current times, like anything over time its rebranded to make someone a few quid with self help plans, and website subscription nonsense and the main thing sounds cool and intellectual in meetings, like you care.

Mindfulness and removals whats the connection, well loads.. as far as i can read about mindfulness, its just known as common sense to any unpretentious types and being aware of whats around you and taking account of the present time, i think that means you’re not dozy. Mindfulness is much like clicking your fingers loudly to get someones attention if they are daydreaming and bringing them back to the present.

Mindfulness as a removal company can be interpreted as looking at a removals job taking in what you see having a plan and doing it in a methodical order and being calm while doing it with a sense or purpose, so the buddhists must have been ancient removal men as movers have to put up with a lot of mindlessness.

How to be mindful as a customer, take a deep breath before calling and think what your going to say on the phone, have a plan and be aware of exactly what you need to ask and what your plans are, thus avoiding being grilled with 101 questions, after all everyone is mindful when calling a takeaway when ordering a Chinese, they the person you have called don’t ask loads of questions to get to the level of inner peace as you tell them in a mindful way your order that you’ve taken time to think about before calling.


Edinburgh man and van Mindfulness

Edinburgh man and van

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