Crazy season is well and truly upon us – the time of year heat affects people’s mental functions and common sense seems to be like having a degree in nuclear physics ( very rare)

Let’s ask what are the problems we have had recently, all in the best possible taste J

Firstly long distance trips and cost  – we don’t do Removals Edinburgh to London for £350 this would not cover wages and fuel combined so lets make it perfectly clear it takes 8-10 hours to drive one way so all in 20 hours driving never mind loading time or resting time and to be efficient time wise leaving at 9-10am in the morning is not a good time to leave for those types of long distance removal jobs – on a lighter note do you really need to have breakfast at a set time and relax to read the paper before leaving , be adventurous and get up at 5am or earlier for Edinburgh to london Removals  !

Addresses – why do we need address for a quote you may ask? Again it helps to know the logistics of the job, saying its round the corner or 5 minutes drive away just won’t do! We need to work out a quote and with little info we just can’t – saying it’s the same street after being asked what streets are involved in the move doesn’t help us to price a removal job so tell us the streets. We won’t tell anyone else if you don’t J

Urgent same day removal jobs – when things are urgent it means straight away same day to me and any normal sensible logical person so when you ask this about an urgent removal I will do my best to help you out, especially if you’ve been let down, but telling us its in 2 weeks time after I try and re arrange my jobs to help you if I can doesn’t really justify urgency, triggering any effort I make to help you out quickly to be pointless. If your stuff is in the garden waiting to be picked up and hasn’t and you’ve been let down that’s urgent, anything else isn’t.

Sensible prices – yes we know there are removal men quoting daft prices, yes the sofa moving for £15 is cheap but why on earth are you calling me for a quote when you’ve had this daft quote? im certainly not beating the likes of the Edinburgh gumtree squad. I had a shop tell me some eastern European guys do jobs for 10 quid yes im sure they provide two guys to deliver 100kg plus oak wardrobes up 3 floors for 10 quid without damaging them and put up with waiting around for 30-45 minutes to collect furniture in the first place, me thinks not ! im guessing its thats the tiny wee Luton van that’s blue with big van big man title – yes we all love a joker and Removal jobs for 10 quid are not on never mind it just doesnt add up .

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