How much is a removal

How much is a removal, move flat, some stuff, bits in bobs, gumtree stuff, Freecycle stuff, rubbish to the dump, moving from my house to another house, my cousins to my grans house, one side of Edinburgh to the other side ! These are the questions I keep getting asked and it’s not always easy to give an answer but people expect answers from the vaguest of questions. Even if they can’t even answer question about the requirements they expect you to know.

How much is a Removal to move from Leith to Lochend, Stockbridge to the meadows, Morningside to Grange, Bruntsfield to New town, Portobello, Gorgie, Dalry, Haymarket, Grassmarket, Newington, Old town, how much is it for a man and a van in Edinburgh, how much is it for a van for a removal to Glasgow, and how much is it for a move to London how much is van plus man hire?

Sometimes the best answer is have you had any quotes and if it comes back something ridiculously cheap it’s time to ask the question “why are you still calling for a quote” People don’t ever think about costs and just want the cheapest removals Quotes in Edinburgh they can find no matter who you are.

 I’m just off the phone from a quote from Newbridge near Edinburgh airport to Falkirk and I asked if you have had any quotes, the reply was £80, well why are you still calling round? It’s actually cost you money all these calls and by the time you have finished calling round 10+ removal companies it’ll have cost between £5-10 in mobile phone calls!

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