Gumtree Edinburgh is a great place to pick up bargains for sale and removal service in Edinburgh, just like mine! I’ve bought a few things of gumtree Edinburgh some good, some bad. Its good for selling stuff for free as well ! ive collected a few sofas beds armchairs, washing machines , bookcases for delivery with my man and van service all from Edinburgh Gumtree.

Gumtree Edinburgh has changed over the years some of you may not be aware but once back in 2004-5 is was a quiet little site you could post your services up without issue and stil lbe showing at the end of the working day ,but now its just a free for all, this really affected the site when the European union let more members in like eastern Europe, Poland, looking for a polish man and van in Edinburgh !! It was like a avalanche of ads on the site creating chaos at one point, everyone greedily looking for work and multi-posting like crazy, turning a good free site with folk trying to earn an honest living into a not so good site. Luckily now it’s starting to charge for ads and remove timewasters and bans multi-posters and general riff raff.

Remember anyone can write anything on their ads on Gumtree Edinburgh, I wrote one once, and a guy still uses it as his own advert today would you believe, and without any shame! so please be aware all you read might not be as it seems it might just a a pile of crap to fool you!

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