Green man and van Edinburgh

We are not very pretentious about being green, we just use local staff from Edinburgh and reuse our t-shirts, surprisingly this saves on a huge carbon foot print instead of using, for example purposes only, some rugby playing chap from new Zealand whose carbon foot print will be huge due to the travelling over to the united kingdom being around 11400 miles and around 9 tons of co2, which shockingly pollutes the earth atmosphere and is about years’ worth of 20000 miles driving about in a diesel van, so if you had 2 overseas guy working for you that would really mess the earth’s atmosphere up, big time !

Green Man and Van Edinburgh

Wearing eco-friendly uniforms that we maintain to last, I’ve a t shirt that’s at least 6 years old and still going strong – show me anyone who wears them daily and has the same that old!

At the last count with our green man and van edinburgh practice superb driving skills average 36mpg around town in the panel van and sometimes up to 45 mpg on long distance jobs which put anything run on chip fat to shame!

Green disposal service in Edinburgh!

Our Household waste disposal service in Edinburgh is second to none with regular freebies on Edinburgh gumtree recycling almost 70 % of good we are asked to dispose of in house clearances.

Green Man and van Edinburgh. 

So next time you’re having Columbian coffee on the lovely wooden table imported from Indonesia and looking for something green to save the planet have a wee think first then come back done to earth or what’s left of it !

Using the word and colour green seems to enforce some kind of kind to the planet impression on peoples minds but the reality is another thing.

Give Green Man and van Edinburgh  a call on 07730263353 to be properly planet saving green in Edinburgh.

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