Going that extra mile for a removal job

We are always going that extra mile or even 2 miles for removal jobs, you be surprised how far we go to do a moving job and it all comes down to getting the right details for the removal job.


It’s not what it seems, that saying of “going that extra mile”, what i mean is if we are moving those little extra items that have been forgotten about, regarded as Just nothing, only  light stuff or just random unpacked things lying about during a home move and are expected to be moved without much questions.


  •  Customers don’t realise if they are living on a top floor which more often than not  can be anything from 80-125 steps from flat door to street level parking area, equating to 160-250 steps taken per extra item lifted up and down a stair.


  • On average to walk a mile its 2000-2500 steps which could mean if you have 10-15 or even more extra things to move we are actually covering nearly a mile extra for sometimes  nothing extra on the quote, even thought its also added more or less 30 – 60 mins to the job and a lot of shoe and knee joints wear, all for free ?


  • How long would it take you to walk a half a mile or a mile, never mind carrying something at the same time, do you stay at your work for 30-60 mins each day for free, thought not …


  • No one ever takes into account all the extra walking mileage removal men have to cover for items that have been disregarded or assumed its fine to move without charging extra which can be a touchy subject when it comes down to the nitty gritty payment at the end of a job. Its tough asking for more costs for work carried out but ask any person being paid for work if would they work for nothing or anyone getting extra work done expect it done for nothing, would you?


  • Over a year and on average this happens 6 times a week, as per out little experiment, we on average are covering potentially an extra 780,000 steps a year more or less for nothing, yes nothing extra . How many miles is that you’re asking , well around 312 but i’ll guess its way more if measured more accurately, not bad if its all free mileage.


  • It would be like fuelling up and the petrol station and having about 10 gallons of fuel for nothing, yes.. no, thats ridiculous !  imagine getting stuff for free, it doesn’t happen does it …

How long would it take you to walk 780,000 steps or more ?


So the next time the removal man comes sheepishly up to you at the end of a job asking for small additional costings don’t dismiss it, thinking he’s ripping you off! Think back to what he was told to move and  all those extra little “its nothing really”  type things or even the big things that wasn’t mentioned. Is it fair not to be paid for that?


Average counting and how many minutes it might take – soon ads up x 2 per extra items.

Hawthornvale – 3rd to ground/parking 80 steps one way. (lets call that 1 minute so 2 per trip)

Warrender park road – 3rd to ground/parking 110 steps. (2 minutes a trip)

Warrender park road 4th floor to ground/parking 135 steps. (2.5 minutes per trip)

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