Furniture delivery – Edinburgh

Buying some gumtree second hand cheap furniture and need to move it in Edinburgh we are quite happy to help man and van for furniture delivery wise  and even let you know when you’re getting ripped off !

Yesterday we did a furniture delivery a double bed for a lady from Leith to Muirhouse , cheap removal job at £25 , but when we set eyes on the double bed we had to scratch out heads in disbelief, we just assumed its next stop was the local refuse centre at seafield or a free give away on Edinburgh gumtree freebies to whoever wanted it and couldn’t care less about its quality or state it was in.

Loading the rickety botch repair job of a bed that looked like it had many amateur repairs, the leather trim had seen much better days what with the splits around the edging , maybe looked good around 15 years ago when it was new.  

The stain foam mattress didn’t do it any favours either we just did another assumption and  it was a spare room set up and was free so who cares!  This want the case though when we got to the delivery address in muirhouse. The lady said she had paid £200 for this heap when initially didn’t believe her and it slowly dawned on us it was true. She seemed to think the memory foam mattress was good and worth the £200 alone but this bed wasn’t worth anything she had been ripped off in my eyes but then again she seemed to think this stain cover heap was worth £200 but this wasnty the case in the real world.

Dont be ripped off by anyone -use your eyes , check condition if the furniture or beds ,if its falling to bits its rubbish, if its stained its rubbish, if its smells of food stuff like smoke/currie its going to affect you especially matttresses, use common sense then we can help with furniture delivery 7 days a week .

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