Flat pack assembly Edinburgh

Flat pack furniture is usually notoriously rubbish quality especially when bought from places like Homebase, Argos and Ikea, in 50 or 100 years’ time will it be in the shops as second hand classic furniture? This is a day and age of buying cheap trendy for 5 minutes goods for the local council landfill site , keeping council refuse workers employed, its ideal!

When flat pack assembly furniture is dissembled and reassembled it might not go together as it was originally built, various factors come into force, firstly it was badly put together as fitting instruction have been glanced at due to impatience so anyone undoing it all doesn’t know that till the tools come out, suddenly, like magic it’s our responsibility to put it back together properly, even though glue has been used where it shouldn’t and nails used when it should have been screws to compensate for stupidity and a botched job.

Flat pack assembly Edinburgh

One issue that comes up and no one accepts and is out-with our control is how level the floor its being built on is, especially with large wardrobes. If the floors not level the wardrobe leans to one side even if  it’s built as per instructions. If the floor is uneven the wardrobe doors tend to rub making it look badly fitted when it’s not. Now thing is, who is responsible? Reasonable answer is the customer as it’s there floor but thats not always the case .

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