University Students have the most amazing ability to pack suitcases for the man with van move in Edinburgh with the heaviest items known to man. Sometimes I have to ask if it’s depleted uranium in the suitcase or have they just removed lead from a local church roof due to the ridiculous lifting weight. Sometimes the students suitcases can weight up to 50kg (yes it’s been weighed as proof of ridiculousness) and a two man lift required, it’s quite rare but it happens.

Normally packing boxes and bags are packed with books and on questioning content after the initial failed blood vessel busting lift, food, apparently nothing tastes good in the UK so mum and dad have packed the overseas student with a years worth of dried food supplies. And it’s all the students seem cart about flat to flat plus a few study books and the current trend seems to a an IKEA picture of Audrey Hepburn . Today one of the largest suitcases I have ever seen boldly announced to me as a 32 incher. Yes a 32 incher and here it is! The packing wasn’t bad but it was still a hug suitcase.

Remember university students when packing make sure its lift able if you can’t lift it what makes you think anyone else can.

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