Edinburgh to London Needn’t Be a Hugely Scary Move

There are some wonderful reasons for upping sticks and heading off to make a new home for yourself in the giant, cosmopolitan city of London.
While the UK capital feels like a world apart from Edinburgh, it is only a little over an hour away by plane, or around 7 hours by road or train. This means that it is easy to go home for visits when you move from Edinburgh to London.

Many of the big removal companies in Edinburgh also have offices in London, meaning that for some workers a move to the English capital could be a natural career progression leading to more opportunities and a juicier salary.

Make the Big Move Easier

The day of the big move from Edinburgh to London is sure to be a nerve-racking experience for anyone. It can also be a highly emotional experience, as you save goodbye to friends and family while taking a final look at the Castle, Princes Street, Arthur’s Seat and all of your other favourite Edinburgh landmarks.

This is a bittersweet time to be fully taken in, as you are sure to look back on any move from Edinburgh to London with a lot of nostalgia in the future. Because of this, you won’t want to get too bogged down in flat removals practicalities such as packing all of your stuff carefully away.

Instead, you should leave these details to our Edinburgh removals team, allowing you to concentrate on spending your final hours in Edinburgh in a few more enjoyable ways.

Don’t Leave Anything Behind

One of the biggest reasons for heading from Edinburgh to London is to get a bigger salary. While the Scottish capital has the second biggest average gross pay packet in the country, it still lags behind the average salary a Londoner gets.

Having said that, it is important to remember that everything will tend to cost more once you get to London from Edinburgh. This means that it pays to take all of your belongings with you. If you were to handle any flat removals on your own then you might be tempted to leave some things behind. However, a professional removals firm will ensure that you start off your life down South with everything you need.

Avoid the Hassle of Moving Alone

With so many transport options between London and Edinburgh it is easy to think that moving alone would be a breeze. Certainly, getting yourself down there isn’t going to be too difficult but what about all of your stuff?

It is unlikely that you can cram all of your possessions onto the train or bus. As for the option of flying, unless you have very few belongings you will be running the risk of an eye-watering excess baggage charge. You might consider the idea of driving down from Edinburgh to London but that probably isn’t the most sensible way of starting a new life South of the border.

By getting a team of flat removals experts to take your stuff down to London from Edinburgh you will be able to stay cool and calm while carrying out potentially the most dramatic change in your life you will ever experience.

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