Cardboard boxes for sale Edinburgh -When is a cardboard removal box not a box? When it’s a huge box stuffed full of books and un-liftable by a human!

We frequently ask customers who are moving in Edinburgh about the boxes that are to be lifted for removal, mainly just the volume and not taking into account the physical size of the removal boxes, expecting common sense to have some part in the packing process. Customers certainly don’t consider this when packing these boxes and just think any removal man in Edinburgh can lift it no matter the size. You get so many variants of removal box sizes you can never tell what you going to see it’s like a game really!

Today Van Man Removals Edinburgh moved some of these removal boxes and we just had to take a picture, rather huge compared to normal sized removal boxes you encounter in normal circumstances if there is such a place. This lot where a whopping 610mm x 610mm and no conderation was taken to what was put into it or how it could safely be lifted without injuring anyone daft enough to try and lift it like I did this was only part of the consignment for the removal in Edinburgh.

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