Edinburgh Removal business Communications with customers occasionally can be difficult as it is, even with locals. Edinburgh is such a multi-cultural city and lots of overseas students moving about, some can speak good English while others have basic or little English speaking skills and this makes some jobs difficult, initially basic stuff like getting the correct information and most importantly getting the right price to make the job a viable Edinburgh Removal business transaction.

The other problem is cultural differences, when negotiating a price for moving goods some people will not accept the initial fair priced removal quote, saying it’s too high or laugh then suggest a really low price, expecting you to start bartering with them to come to a final removal cost that suits their budget for moving home and not yours for a removal business.

You can normally tell when it’s a low value job in the customers mind when the words it’s just round the corner or it’ll take less than an hour or very little furniture or luggages to move.

For example Indians always feel they are paying too much and want a bargain and it’s in the nature to do this, that’s how life is back in India, much the same bargaining culture as the Chinese, both cultures have a what it’s worth to them attitude and removals is a menial task in their mind and low down the list of cash priorities.

 If and when you agree a price with people from bargain squeezing cultures you’ll be working dammed hard for this money that’s for sure and there’s a high chance the removal will involve more than you thought.

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