Van man removals did a last minute on job on Saturday afternoon , well actually I was in the house having a cup of tea and had just got in froma hard days graft.  I got a text from a guy desperate to move home who had contacted me earlier in the day for a quote to move at 1500. My first thought was hes left it a bit late to confirm , it was  now 1535 , but then looking at his address in granton I pondered to myself he`d actually got someone a lot cheaper, attractive price for a big move, now hes now been let down and its payback time for picking an unreliable type who charges figures that dont really ad up to running a proper removal business and isnt really a proper mover.

Cowboy Removals Edinburgh.


Surprisingly I was right , he was let down, but the guy did turn up ! When I went round the guy was In a REAL panic but pleased at same time, telling me someone on gumtree – big van big man small prices had turned up , parking van up to load , he went to tell the driver he had a couch to bring out and was struggling but would be a few minutes, for some reason this big man van guy in the blue old luton with removals written in polish on the van decided to get all hot and bothered and told the guy he was a f***ing a*****  then got in van and sped off with his back door still open ? Well im not sure why he did this, maybe his English wasn’t great and he misunderstood but the distraught customer was baffled by this behavior and its not 1st time ive heard bad things about this group of multi posters on gumtree , you get what you pay for I guess…..sad thing is these types take work from the proper businesses trying to stay afloat they have different people drving the vans every tiem and its just pin money for them.



Guys now driving a white iveco and wears a bluetooth earpiece all the time lol

just saying!

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