City car club spots are sprouting up all over Edinburgh and other cities throughout the uk and are now offering vans! I’ve looked into the costing after a recent customer wanted help unload the city car club van after traveling up from the borders. I was slightly baffled by the cost he paid out but he seemed quite happy to have paid £72 per day plus 22p per mile. Which after his journey of 105 mile trip had set him back £95 for one day and it was his second day of use.

The city car club offers Vw transporter vans, not much bigger than a standard ford transit van, which for moving anything large like a mattress is totally useless unless you fold it up. Three piece suite you can forget it, a super king mattress maybe could be strapped on its roof. Value for money its not, it is if its just bin bags and suitcases you wish to move but any idea of moving home or flat in Edinburgh on the cheap will soon be forgotten when you try loading that large wardrobe into it. City car club Van volume is 5.8 cubic meters and only 1.4 height so if its a sore back you want go for it , length is 2.5 , so you might get one sofa in it.

This is pricing from city car club website.

Private membership to City Car Club costs £50 per year and our vans can be rented from just £8.20 per hour, or £72.00 for 24 hours (just £3.00/hr). We pay for the fuel and our price per mile is currently £0.22.

Call us and van man removals can save you a lot of time and effort and best of all labour thrown in as well – never mind a large equipped with blankets and ties panel van 2x volume!

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