Cheap removal quote sites Edinburgh. 

Its summer time and people are moving from students to folk just selling and buying new homes, first thing they do usually is think about removal costs as a lifetime of expensive household and personal goods are peoples most treasured possession and this is top priority of who can we trust moving it, they don’t really, it’s normally forgotten about till the last minute, badly packed and for some odd reason most movers the folk use they have no idea who the movers are or even capable of doing the job and expect them to be fully responsible for absolutely everything on the day of the move, but lets just kid on we live in a semi perfect world.

Using the internet is the most common way to get a removal company and those with deep pockets will be near the top of google searches, this doesn’t mean they are the right ones to choose, so heres a few points about a couple removal price sites that’ll  appear in front off you duping most into thinking its professional and everything is going to be ok but in reality is a faceless money magnet saying anything to get business.

Anyvan Edinburgh.

We have the legendary Anyvan, a comparison site which has some crazy prices, actually when you look at some of the prices you start think how do they pay wages or even run a removal van or even both! This is also a common removals website for folk not turning up on the day of the move, most of the bidders are NOT local to you and just passing through town on the way to or from a job on the other side of the country. Is it a good idea to use folk with little local knowledge especially in Edinburgh, with the parking issues and 4/5/6th floors involved are often not serviced by a lift and occasionally customers forget to mention various rather important stuff when looking for a removal quote.

Van Plus Edinburgh.

Then theres another site called van plus , already I have had call from folk about them not tuning up and guess what it sounds like? A similar site to Anyvan but prices are set, so no bidding, and not always cheaper by the sounds of it. All it seems to be is a type in postcode calculation site you put in your details and it spits out a price, no human asking pertinant question with localised knowledge or anything like that, giving piece of mind when moving your worldly cherished posession . Van plus is  just a faceless internet site duping some customers thinking they are in full control of the removal process when its just a money making scheme and you’re paying for it in more ways than one.

The Uber of the moving world farming out work to randoms.

Vanplus website is taking what you say as fact in online form fashion (this is never the case) who then try to find a local mover to work for low money and they take a huge cut, more often than not the mover doing it wont turn up if they’ve had a better offer not giving a stuff about the customer or even trading from the local area, the job doesn’t seem so attractive anymore to them. Might be an idea to use local movers rather than faceless online farming it out to whoever they can find to work for a low price sites.

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