Booking a van for a move with a Man with a van is quite simple all you do is call up and tell us what you need and its booked – Or so it would seem!

Its always best to book in as far in advanced as possible, quite a few customers call round looking for quotes and after about 20-30 calls scouring phone books, Thomson local and the good old yellow pages just to knock £5 of the best price they have had they decide after days of pondering to book with the cheapest full time movers in town at the last possible moment thinking we have been sitting waiting on there call, not taking into account it might be busy with others who are more decisive or we might just not be available to assist.

People always feel a bit let down by this but if you don’t move fast with your booking of the van and man and stop calling all those other removal companies in Edinburgh just to shave a fiver off the price, it might just cost you way more than you may have saved.

When calling if you get a good quote book it in right away, this will save you the anxiety of losing the date you need to move home. If you are a student moving in Edinburgh and looking to save what might be a couple of £s think about it – you might just cause way more stress not booking with us rather than others.

Tip When Booking a Removal Van

  • Book well in advance to save stress!
  • Remember to give accurate info on the Removal job as you may or may not be charged more if the information given is not correct. Don’t expect cheap to mean cheap if this is the case no one gets work done for nothing.
  • Biggest common mistake – Don’t focus on large items like sofas,beds etc – actually the smaller items bric-a-brac personal consumer whore junk are actually the biggest volume and most importantly time consumer on the of the job.
  • You will have pictures, lamps, contents of cupboards,drawers,under the bed, attics,sheds, garages and all those things you cant see when on the phone to the guy giving you a removal quote and just looking at what you can. Cant see doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter, it does, and can make the difference to the price of a job depending on what you didn’t see or think about.
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