We sometimes feel like a Edinburgh taxi service with the requests we get , the only difference is when people call for a real taxi they normally provide the address from collection point to destination but when moving that doesn’t seem relevant believe  it or not . This got me thinking about how man and with a van services are seem compared to other businesses like taxis , joiners , electricians and Ive come to the conclusion that Removals man and van services are seens as  the lowest common denominator ! even though we move valuable stuff,  we are generally seen as irrelevant and not important.

You never ask for joiners how much do they charge with no info to work on , you don’t got to Greggs the bakers and say i want food , you dont say im moving house how much do you charge , ah well yes you do ! Imagine being asked questions without having info you’d feel a bit whats going on here why the lack of info, what are they trying to hide ?

Treat  removal van man services as a taxi service – give the correct info so we can work with it and provide a quote, providing just postcodes is pointless you have to provide the full address and area, please don’t assume we know “main street” and you’ve not mentioned its in kirkliston or prestonpans, if life was as simple !


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