Booking suspensions and dispensation from Edinburgh city council for a removals in Edinburgh has changed, there is now a fee to be paid for single yellow line parking if loading for more than 30 minutes. The new fee is £10 and must be booked 24 hours in advance with information as follows required, address of the job taking place, Company name doing the move and a start and end time, plus they may also ask make and model of the removal van. This service used to be free but like most things in life they all now want a cut!

Single and double yellow linesbasic rules Loading/unloading

If you are moving in Edinburgh and it takes less than 30 minutes you are allowed to park on single yellow lines starting from when observed for 5 minutes by the Edinburgh traffic warden, then they can leave you for a full 30 minutes to carry out the job, as long as you are loading or unloading, some wardens dispute this rule knowing that people are easily scared and make out you will get a ticket, but it’s the rules and people love rules!

Double yellows are the same rules as the singles, unless they have yellow band markings on the kerb but best check the information plate about the parking restrictions and times you can or can’t park. You can’t book parking dispensation on double yellow lines in Edinburgh only single yellow lines.

Suspension dispensation for parking zones Edinburgh

Parking Suspensions for permit or ticketed zones have to be booked 3 days in advance, pay and displays work out at £2 per hour, minimum is 10 hours for a block, normally equivalent of 4 parking spaces and are coned off by the council to warn people not to use prior to the removal, if vehicles do park when the restrictions start the vehicle normally gets lifted away.

These are the numbers

Suspensions 0131 554 1751

Dispensations 0131 557 6941


If you need a removal company to help

call or text 07730263353 

Dispesation for parking in Edinburgh

You cant get dispensation for parking on double yellows, Only single yellow lines.

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